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l® Inte Clear Video HD Technology

Intel® Clear Video HD Technology supports the following:

Optimized high-definition playback with support for Blu-ray* with dual video hardware decode, letting you watch favorite content in stunning HD

Full hardware decode acceleration for AVC, VC1, and MPEG-2 formats, which eliminates stutter and pauses due to software-based video decoding
24-Hz refresh rate support that allows cinematic playback

Stunning video quality with sharpness/detail, noise reduction, and Deep Color and xvYCC* that creates incredible visuals
High-quality DVD upscaling with Windows Media Player*

Advanced de-interlacing and film mode detection to enable crisper imagery

Seamless digital display support for HDMI* 1.3 along with dual simultaneous HDMI support that lets users watch content on HDTVs and HD monitors
DisplayPort* 1.1 with audio support and up to 2560x1600 resolution that supports very-high-resolution monitors
Multi-channel premium audio that creates amazing audio experiences with native support for bit-streaming Dolby TrueHD* and DTS-HD Master Audio*

Up to 8 full range channels at 24-bit/96 kHz

Read the full Intel® Clear Video HD technology brief.

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