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Intel® E8870 Chipset

Featuring the E8870SP Component

Intel® E8870 Chipset

The Intel® E8870 chipset, featuring the E8870SP component, builds upon its single-node platform predecessor and allows for multi-node configurations of up to eight Intel® Itanium® processors. This added processor and I/O headroom is essential to systems used for large databases, business intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other high-end, heavy-load applications. The highly reliable and serviceable building-block architecture of the Intel® E8870 chipset provides excellent return on investment, allowing the system to grow with your business needs.

Intel® E8870 Chipset

Chipset Diagram

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Features and benefits
Balanced chipset architecture Delivers optimal system performance through well-aligned bandwidths (system bus, memory, SP and I/O bandwidths are well balanced).
Support for multiple Intel® Itanium® processor family generations Platform longevity.
Data Error Correction Code (ECC) protection across key interfaces Provides enterprise-class data integrity across multiple nodes.
Built-in central snoop filter architecture of the E8870SP Preserves coherency while minimizing snoops to remote nodes.
400 MHz, 128-bit system bus capability 6.4 GB/s system bus supports up to 4 Intel® Itanium® processors for optimal system performance.
High memory capacity The DDR Memory Hub (DMH) provides a maximum of 8 DIMM slots with an aggregate of 32 memory slots enabled per processor node. Maximum capacity supported per processor node is 128 GB using 4 GB DIMMs.
Two high bandwidth scalability ports per SNC and SIOH Provides sufficient system headroom for single-node, multiple-node and degraded configurations.
Hub interface 2.0 connectivity Delivers 1 GB/sec bandwidth per connection, providing multiple I/O configuration options and offering both flexibility and performance.
I/O pre-fetch engine and built-in cache Delivers full bandwidth on data return.
High-performance PCI/PCI-X bridge support Provides support to all PCI/PCI-X I/O devices, from legacy PCI to higher performance PCI-X at 133 MHz.
Advanced platform RASUM ECC protection and correction, memory scrubbing, Memory Device Failure Recovery (MDFR), multiple redundant I/O paths and error logging combine to yield a more reliable platform. This reduces downtime for repair and ensures data integrity across all interconnects and busses.