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Intel® 5000P Chipset

Intel® 5000P Chipset

The Intel® 5000P server chipsets for the Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 series enables Intel® dual-processor (DP) balanced server platforms that are efficient, dependable, and responsive.

Intel® dual-core processor-based platforms help businesses better utilize assets with effective virtualization and increase density in their data centers through optimized power and thermal features.

With the Intel® 5000P or Intel® 5000V chipset and Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 series, system designers can offer new platforms that help IT services move ahead with increased productivity, higher throughput, and faster time-to-solution.

The Intel® 5000P chipset also offers increased graphics performance, reduced power consumption, and improved platform reliability and system manageability.

Features and benefits
Supports two Intel® Xeon® processors 5000 series Optimized performance for intensive computing demands of enterprise and small to medium business servers, plus high performance computing (HPC) applications.
1066 / 1333 MHz dual independent buses Increased bus bandwidth of up to 3X over 800 MHz systems.
FB DIMM 533/667 MHz memory interface Offers a maximum memory bandwidth up to 17 GB/s for 533 MHz and 21 GB/s for 667 MHz.

Increased dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) per system, providing enhanced memory scalability for memory-intensive applications.

Up to 64 GB memory capacity.

PCI Express* I/O Serial I/O technology provides a direct connection between the MCH and PCI Express components/adapters, with bandwidth up to 4 GB/s on each PCI Express x8 interface.
Intel® 6700PXH 64-bit PCI Hub

Optional component introduces next-generation PCI/PCI-X performance and significant enhancements to platform flexibility.

Supports two independent 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X segments and two Hot-Plug controllers (one per segment).

Advanced platform reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS)

Features such as memory Error Correction Code (ECC), Intel® x4 Single Device Data Correction (x4 SDDC), DIMM sparing and DIMM scrubbing for improved system reliability.

The System Management Bus (SMBus) port hooks into the Intel® 5000P MCH chipset for remote management operation and support for a variety of third-party base management controller (BMC) and BIOS solutions.

Packaging information
Intel® 5000P Memory Controller Hub (MCH) chipset 1432 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)
Intel® 6700PXH 64-bit PCI Hub 567 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)
Intel® 6321ESB I/O Controller Hub 1284 Flip Chip - Ball Grid Array (PBGA)

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Produkt- och prestandainformation


1. The 1333 MHz system bus feature will be available in the second half of 2006.

2. Intels processornummer är inte en indikation på prestanda. Processornumren betecknar endast funktioner inom respektive processorfamilj och kan därför inte jämföras mellan olika processorfamiljer. För mer information, gå till www.intel.com/content/www/se/sv/processors/processor-numbers.html.

3. PCI Express* reducerat strömläge "L0s" stöds inte.