Intel® E7500 Chipset

The Intel® E7500 chipset, a volume chipset, supports dual-processor (DP) server systems optimized for the Intel® Xeon® processor with 512 KB L2 cache and Intel® NetBurst® microarchitecture. The Intel E7500 chipset design delivers maximized system bus, memory and I/O bandwidth to enhance performance, scalability and end-user productivity while providing a smooth transition to next-generation server technologies.

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Features and Benefits

Supports 2 Intel® Xeon® processors with 512 KB L2 cache for dual-processing server systems Delivers a platform that brings Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture and the Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology of the Intel® Xeon® processor to deliver best-in-class performance for peak server workloads.
400 MHz system bus capability Supports a high-performance, balanced platform by enabling a 3.2 GB/s system bus bandwidth that can support greater memory and I/O bandwidths.
Intel® Hub Architecture 2.0 connection to the MCH This point-to-point connection between the MCH and the 3 P64H2 devices provides greater than 1 GB/s of bandwidth. Error Code Correction (ECC) protection, coupled with high data transfer rates, support I/O segments with greater reliability and faster access to high-speed networks.
64-bit PCI/PCI-X Controller Hub-2 Introduces next-generation PCI/PCI-X performance and significantly enhances platform flexibility. Two independent 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X segments and 2 hot-plug controllers (1 per segment) for each P64H2 allow up to 6 PCI-X buses per system.
Dual-channel DDR-200 memory interface Offers a maximum memory bandwidth of 3.2 GB/s through a 144-bit wide, 200 MHz Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory interface with densities up to 512 megabits.
Advanced platform RASUM Provides a more reliable platform with features such as memory Error Correction Code (ECC) with Intel® x4 Single Device Data Correction (Intel® x4 SDDC), hardware memory scrubbing, MCH SMBus target interface, hub interface ECC, and the availability of enhanced error status information maintained through reset.

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Intel® E7500 Memory Controller Hub Chipset (Intel® E7500 MCH Chipset)

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1005 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)

82801CA Integrated Controller Hub (ICH3-S)

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421 Ball Grid Array (BGA)

Intel® 82801CA I/O Controller Hub 3 (ICH3-S) Specification Update

82870P2 64-bit PCI/PCI-X controller (P64H2)

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567 Flip Chip-Ball Grid Array (FC-BGA)

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Kräver ett system med Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology). Fråga din datortillverkare. Prestandan varierar beroende på vilken maskinvara och programvara som används. Inte tillgänglig på Intel® Core™ i5-750. För mer information inklusive detaljer om vilka processorer som har stöd för HT Technology, gå till


I en x4 DDR-minnesenhet, tillhandahåller Intel® x4 Single Device Data Correction (Intel® x4 SDDC), feldetektering och -korrigering för 1, 2, 3 eller 4 databitar inom den enda enheten och tillhandahåller feldetektering, upp till 8 databitar, inom två enheter.