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Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing: Sohu Improves IT Efficiency

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As a leader in the Chinese Web portal space, Sohu provides Internet users with a reliable platform for online life by continuously introducing advanced Internet products. Sohu needs to rely on its internal servers for product compatibility and other tests before new products come online. With the constant growth and enrichment of the company’s product line, the servers for product testing have now reached large-scale proportions, making it essential for Sohu to optimize the management and utilization of its computing resources to improve server utilization and IT efficiency.
• Improving server utilization. Sohu needed to optimize its infrastructure and improve utilization of its server computing resources to meet its growing business requirements.
• Improving IT efficiency. Different product tests place different demands on server computing resources. Sohu needed to improve the flexibility and efficient deployment of its computing resources to meet the computing requirements of different product tests and improve IT efficiency.
• Build a private cloud computing platform. Sohu uses multiple servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor to deploy multiple Xen* virtual machines on each server, in addition to deploying the cloud computing platform for unified management and allocation of the computing resource pool. Sohu also integrates Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager to trigger safe deployment and migration of virtual machines according to power consumption and temperature of the servers.