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Yuanta Securities Speeds Financial Services with Cloud Computing

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Yuanta Securities Speeds Financial Services with Cloud Computing: Case Study

• Build a solid IT system foundation. Ensure a stable IT environment to carry out any securities transaction activities and launch new services efficiently.
• Ensure fast flow of securities transactions. Guarantee the securities system can quickly complete processing transactions to ensure uninterrupted placement of orders for clients.
• Meet other complex commercial applications. Ensure that technologies incorporated in the IT framework can meet the requirements of the current environment as well as other applications.

• Carry out comprehensive architectural planning. Build a stable IT infrastructure for the virtualized system to keep up with the demands of securities trading.
• Ensure efficient cloud computing core. Properly integrate high-speed network, highly efficient processing core, and storage to attain ideal network computing for fast completion of transactions.
• Standardize on Intel® Xeon® processor. Come up with a set of standard procurement specifications using main systems with Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4650 to ensure the hardware meets the needs of the internal cloud computing system.

Business Value
• Solid IT infrastructure for business growth. Ensuring a stable IT environment allows Yuanta Securities to provide quality service to satisfy investors’ needs.
• Accelerated securities transactions. Faster completion of transaction processes allows the company to meet trading demands with ease and efficiency.
• Increased value of IT management. Standard specifications for all procurements using Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers increase the speed of procuring and installing new servers, eliminating lengthy hardware assessment processes.

Technology Results
• Stable IT environment. A stable hardware and network foundation for the virtualization system resource pool, eliminates maintenance and peration issues and makes both existing and new services more efficient.
• Strong cloud computing core. Proper integration of high-speed network, highly-efficient processing core and storage boosts network computing, the core of cloud computing.
• Standardized procurement process. Using servers based on Intel® Xeon® processor E5-4650 ensures that only servers with the same standards can be quickly incorporated into the IT resource pool, achieving a high-speed network architecture that responds completely to transaction demands.

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