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Cloud Offerings Explained

Cloud computing enables many advantages for increasingly dynamic business IT environments. While every cloud computing deployment is unique, understanding typical cloud configurations and services provides a sound basis for identifying the right approach for your evolving IT infrastructure.

Public Cloud
Infrastructure and services are dynamically provisioned to specific users or the general public on a self-service basis. Unrelated customers or organizations often share services and resources.

• Data/application access anytime, anywhere, from any client device
• Pay-per-use hardware/software/infrastructure
• Reduce internal IT costs/asset depreciation
• New applications or services can be deployed quickly and efficiently

Private Cloud
A server environment dedicated to a single organization. Managed either by you or a third-party service provider.

• Most secure, given firewall protection from other users and organizations
• Maximize use of available resources through dedicated computing platforms
• Easier compliance with data storage regulations
• IT costs billed back to departments based on actual usage vs. allocations

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