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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report Performance Goals

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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report Performance Goals
Setting public goals in our key corporate responsibility areas helps us drive continuous improvement and hold ourselves accountable for our performance. All goals are for 2011 unless otherwise noted.
• Reduce water use per chip below 2007 levels by 2012.
• Reduce absolute global-warming gas footprint by 20% by 2012 from 2007 levels.
• Reduce energy consumption per chip 5% per year from 2007 through 2012.
• Reduce generation of chemical waste per chip by 10% by 2012 from 2007 levels.
• Recycle 80% of chemical and solid waste generated per year.
• Achieve engineering and design milestones to ensure that Intel® products maintain the energy-efficiency lead in the market for our next two product generations. Workplace
• Drive key improvements and hire at full availability for technical under-represented minorities and women.
• Improve the organizational health of the company, as measured by higher scores on a majority of the questions in our company-wide Organizational Health Survey.
• Maintain our world-class safety performance by achieving a target safety recordable rate of 0.40 and improving early reporting of ergonomic-related injuries, specifically cumulative trauma disorders, with a targeted First Aid to Recordable Ratio goal of 9:1.
Supply Chain
• Complete a minimum of 50 on-site, third-party supplier audits.
• Complete at least 10 on-site smelter reviews and initiate third-party industry smelter audits across the four key conflict minerals: gold, tantalum, tin, and tungsten.
• Require our top suppliers to provide baseline supplier environmental data on carbon, water, and waste to inform goal-setting for 2012 and beyond.
• Continue to increase corporate responsibility requirements in the Supplier Report Card and in criteria for Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement and Preferred Quality Supplier winners.
• Reduce the weight of our packaging by 30% from 2010 levels.
• Increase ""green"" purchasing alternatives for employees in the areas of travel and office supplies.
• Include historically under-represented businesses in 100% of all eligible bidding opportunities.
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