On-Demand Scalability for Mission-Critical Databases

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On-Demand Scalability for Mission-Critical Databases

IBM DB2* pureScale* on Intel® Processor–based IBM System x* Servers
The pressures related to managing transactional databases are increasing rapidly. Business growth, the drive to consolidate databases and the need to deploy new, data-intensive technologies are fostering the massive expansion of data volumes and application workloads. At the same time, the move toward real-time computing requires faster and more reliable data access, especially when databases are used to drive customer-facing applications.

Businesses need simpler and more cost effective strategies for expanding their database environment. IBM and Intel provide an answer with IBM DB2* pureScale* software and the latest generation of IBM System x* servers based on Intel® Xeon® processors. The combined solution enables customers to scale mission-critical, performance-sensitive databases simply, incrementally, and without limit using affordable, industry-standard servers.

IBM eX5 servers deliver breakthrough performance, scalability, and reliability. A full y configured IBM System x3850 X5 system provides ample capacity for heavy, data-intensive workloads, with up to 40 processing cores, 80 threads, and 3 TB of memory Servers equipped with the Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 product family can achieve up to 29 times the performance of 4-socket servers using single-core processors Major silicon-level enhancements help improve scalability, reliability, and data integrity.

With IBM DB2 pureScale software, multiple System x servers can be combined into a high-performance cluster that provides virtually unlimited capacity with continuous availability and complete application transparency. A new server can be integrated into the cluster with just two commands: no application changes are required, and workloads are automatically rebalanced to optimize performance—a breakthrough capability that makes it far easier to handle today’s exploding data volumes. IT organizations can now take a building-block approach to database expansion by scaling large, mission-critical databases incrementally, affordably, and virtually without limit.

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