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SoftLayer: High-Performance Hosting

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SoftLayer: High-Performance Hosting
Case Study: Intel® Xeon® processor 7400 series and Intel® Xeon® processor 5400 series, Hosting Services
High-Performance Hosting
SoftLayer runs Parallels Virtuozzo* Containers software on multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors to provide maximum performance, increased energy efficiency, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
SoftLayer provides global, on-demand data center and hosting services to a wide variety of organizations from facilities across the U.S. The company’s innovative systems allow customers complete control of their data center environments. Automation and an easy-to-use portal enable SoftLayer customers to quickly build virtualized environments and add capacity or back-end services as needed.

The company has grown from one server in 2006 to more than 19,000 servers today by continually seeking new technologies to benefit its customers. For example, SoftLayer recently expanded its offerings to include Parallels Virtuozzo* Containers virtualization software. “Many of our customers are hosting providers who purchase a dedicated server from us and divide it into virtual private servers for their customers,” explains George Karidis, Chief Strategy Officer at SoftLayer. “Hosting companies use Parallels Virtuozzo Containers because it enables them to increase density, leading to higher revenue per server, and allows easier mass management.”

Unlike virtualization solutions in which every container has its own operating system, virtualization offered by Parallels has only one installation of the OS, resulting in less overhead and a lighter solution that allows more of the server processor performance to come through. The SoftLayer team decided to launch a dedicated server package with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and looked for a server processor that would maximize the horsepower available to customers.

After evaluating several options, the team standardized on dual-socket and quad-socket servers running the Intel® Xeon® processor 5400 and 7400 series. “With up to twenty-four cores per server, the Intel Xeon processor series provides the robust performance needed for high-density hosting environments,” says Karidis.

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