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Brief: What We're Learning from Technology-Transformed Schools

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Brief: What We're Learning from Technology-Transformed Schools

Project RED is a national research and advocacy effort based on the premise that technology holds the promise of allowing us to re-engineer our educational system. Through the efforts of Project RED and our partners—including Intel, Apple, the Pearson Foundation, Qwest, eChalk, NSBA, AASA, CoSN, ISTE, ASBO, AESA, NAMTC, SETDA and iNACOL—we hope to arrive at a better understanding of what it will take for technology to transform learning and schools, just as it has transformed homes and offices in almost every other segment of our society. In order to do this, however, our nation needs to rethink the way we look at—and budget for—technology in schools.

There is a tremendous gulf between schools that are committed to preparing students for success in the 21st century with help from digital technology and those who are still taking a “wait and see” attitude about the role of technology in the classroom. In response, Project RED has conducted a survey of technology-transformed schools across the country to find out what’s working for them and to show how technology can save money when properly implemented.

In this eBook, we share some preliminary results from the survey and take a look at what past research and current observation tells us about some of the keys to successful technology implementations in areas including: curriculum, leadership, funding and legislation.

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