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Intel® Expressway Service Gateway for Cloud Computing

Intel® Expressway Service Gateway is a software-appliance designed to securely expose or consume application services/APIs on-premise or in the cloud. It delivers cloud service brokerage capabilities, including integration, routing, data protection, middleware for legacy to mobile service enablement, and AAA security. Intel® Expressway Service Gateway is deployed as a low impact proxy at the network or cloud edge.

• API Security: Regain control with a centralized policy enforcement point to authenticate, authorize, and govern service interactions with customers, partners, employees, and cloud providers as they consume or deploy applications exposed over APIs.
• API abstraction: Innovate faster, gain a competitive edge, and securely expose applications on-premise or in the cloud, regardless of the abstraction pattern, delivery method, or protocol.
• Cloud service brokerage: Enable IT to integrate, govern, and secure services from 1-n external cloud providers for simplified service consumption by internal departments and developers. Aggregate and expose value added composite applications and data as a third-party intermediary to partners and customers.
• Flexibility without compromise: Simplify infrastructure by deploying an easily upgradeable soft-appliance on standard Intel® multi-core processor servers. Best-in-class performance reduces API and integration performance bottlenecks with no compromise on extensibility or virtualization.

Read the full Intel® Expressway Service Gateway for Cloud Computing Product Brief.

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