Thomson Reuters Case Study: High Performance Data Management

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Thomson Reuters Case Study: High Performance Data Management

Market challenges

Securities and investment firms are continuing to face significant challenges in responding to increasingly powerful industry drivers. Customer needs and expectations are growing, and international competitive pressures encourage firms to develop complex structures to attract investors with higher returns and capital protection. Following several years of rapid changes in the scale and complexity of electronic trading and other industry changes demanding swift deployments of new technology, firms are faced with a technology infrastructure laden with information silos and multi-format messaging platforms. This scale and fragmentation of IT operations coupled with the volatility of the recent crisis has highlighted the interdependence of global markets and the need for a greater transparency. Regulatory burden has pushed data management and integration yet further into the spotlight for the financial industry as firms strive to manage costs, gain a better understanding of their exposure to risk, and improve operational efficiency.

Critical to these drivers is the availability of accurate, consistent, and timely information. The need for a flexible, unified platform to acquire, manage, and distribute data assets across all enterprise disciplines has never been more urgent. The provision of dynamic, reliable, and consistent orchestrated data services offers huge scope for differentiation in a highly competitive and regulated market; to improve customer service, reduce risk, enhance compliance, promote data transparency and visibility, streamline operation efficiency, and reduce costs.

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