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Energy-Efficient Platforms, Application Software Considerations

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Energy-Efficient Platforms, Application Software Considerations


Adoption of Mobile platforms of all form factors – Notebooks, Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, etc. have been steadily increasing and longer battery life is consistently ranked as one of the top requirements by consumers. Continuous network connectivity enhances the mobile usage model, but increases power consumption, thereby requiring improved energy efficiency. Mobile platforms must also meet the energy efficiency regulatory requirements such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star program. To make the vision of “All day Battery Life” a reality, the average platform power consumption must go down.

Intel® Architecture (IA) platforms such as depicted in Figure 1 are open systems where operating systems, software applications and services and hardware devices are created and sold by various vendors.

In spite of remarkable progress in processor power management and efforts to address the power efficiency of other platform components, a single ill-behaving device or software ingredient can impede all these benefits by preventing the platform components from residing in low power states. Platform level energy efficiency requires all components in the platform ecosystem to cooperate. Additionally, software plays an important role in the platform power ecosystem and the way software applications and services behave have a huge impact on battery life.

Both innovative performance and power management features are being added to successive generations of Intel® Architecture (IA) platforms to provide performance on demand and save power at other times. Software needs to be written in a manner such that the underlying hardware consumes the lowest power for a task and higher power performance features are only turned on when the required performance cannot be achieved at lower power.

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