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White Paper: Consolidate Applications Using Virtualization

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Consolidate Applications Using Virtualization White Paper

Delivering Deterministic, Real-Time Performance with a Low-Cost Intel® Atom™ Processor-based Platform
An entry-level board uses virtualization to consolidate general purpose and real-time applications, reliably and securely, thereby reducing product cost, design complexity, and time to market.

Over the past decade, virtualization technology has inched its way down from big, iron mainframes to highly embedded systems, such as industrial controllers. Accelerating this trend, embedded developers can now consolidate real-time and general purpose applications onto a single board, a solution that costs about USD 100 to manufacture.

This is possible with a low power, fanless platform based on the dual-core Intel® Atom™ processor D510 and INtime* from TenAsys, running real-time and Windows* operating systems at the same time. This low-power platform, under 20 watts, features the first embedded Intel Atom processor with two cores, providing the computing performance needed to support virtualization for industrial and other embedded applications.

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