IT@Intel White Paper Intel IT IT Best Practices IT Consumerization and IT Innovation July 2011

Intel IT Prepares for Alternative Form Factors    

The explosion of connected devices in the marketplace is compelling Intel IT to shift away from the traditional enterprise client computing model. Our focus now is on providing greater productivity and flexibility for Intel employees by enabling seamless access to services and data from multiple devices, while maintaining enterprise securit...y and without significantly increasing IT costs. We are actively preparing for a future workplace that incorporates many alternative form factors, such as handhelds, tablets, and smart TVs, as well as many input methods, including touch, voice, sensor, and gesture.

To integrate new form factors and input methods into our environment, we need a more flexible approach to delivering services across a range of devices. We are building the foundation for this vision now by refining our information security architecture, investigating service delivery models, preparing our infrastructure, and developing a new, adaptive support model.

Intel IT plays a critical role in creating the future workplace by researching, evaluating, and analyzing emerging technologies that accommodate many form factors.

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