Validating the Reliability of Intel® Solid-State Drives

Validating the Reliability of Intel® Solid-State Drives

To enhance employee productivity while reducing IT total cost of ownership (TCO), in 2009 Intel IT made a strategic decision to standardize on mobile business PCs equipped with Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs). Early TCO calculations using data from solid-state drive (SSD) manufacturers indicated that we could reduce TCO due to ...greater reliability compared to hard disk drives (HDDs).1 In a yearlong study of more than 45,000 SSDs deployed in our mobile business PC fleet, we validated that Intel SSDs provide an 87 percent reduction in the annualized failure rate compared to HDDs—which supports our early TCO analysis.

Intel SSDs offer significant performance and support benefits, particularly when combined with Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors and Microsoft Windows 7*. Users appreciate improved system performance, greater mobility, and enhanced productivity and efficiency. From IT’s perspective, Intel SSDs offer greater reliability, better build performance, and lower overall TCO than we can achieve with HDDs.

Intel® Solid-State Drives
• 87 percent reduction in annualized failure rate decreases IT total cost of ownership.
• 4x faster I/O performance increases employee productivity.

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