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Dual HDMI* Digital Signage with Intel® Core™ i3 Processors: Brief

Solution Brief: Describes using dual HDMI* ports and Intel® Core™ i3 processor to provide rich HD content on multiple digital signage displays.

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Intel® NUC: Footprint is Small, Potential is Anything But

Infographic: The Intel® NUC fits the needs of digital signage, video analytics, dual HDMI, and more, with a small footprint and big potential.

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Pattern Detection Technology and Privacy

White Paper: Discusses building privacy into the digital signage business model and specific recommendations from the Digital Signage Federation*.

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Transforming Retail User Experiences on Entry Devices

Solution Brief: Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family-based SoC devices boost retail experience in compact, low-power systems. (v.1, Nov. 2013)

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Digital Signage Specification Increases Profitability for PilotTV

Case Study: PilotTV speeds digital signage field service for less support costs using Intelligent Pluggable System Specification. (v.1, Feb. 2014)

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Delivering Compelling Digital Signage for Dunkin’ Donuts

Case Study: Intel® technology-based digital signage for Dunkin’ Donuts streamlines menu boards, tailors content, and improves the customer experience.

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Intel® Atom™ processor

Intel® Atom™ processorn används i en rad olika enheter, som pekdatorer, smarttelefoner, netbookdatorer, hybrider och hemelektronik.

Intelligent Pluggable System Specification: Digital Signage Design

Intelligent Pluggable System Specification (IPSS) is a complete system specification from Intel.

4th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-4400E Processor with Intel® QM87 Chipset

Find 4th gen Intel® Core™ i5-4400E processor with mobile Intel® QM87 Chipset development kit info for digital signage, POS, and home. (v.1, Dec. 2013)