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Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

Model and simulate complex electronic systems; Intel® CoFluent™ studio estimates behavior and performance without embedded software application code.

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio: Abstraction Levels

Virtual architecture model details for defining communications abstraction levels and corresponding communications model characteristics.

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Intel® CoFluent™ Technology

Model development solution for executable specifications, Intel® CoFluent™ technology offers performance analysis and systems design simulation.

Intel® CoFluent™ Executable Specifications, Use Cases

Intel® CoFluent™ Executable Specifications, Use Cases

The MCSE Methodology Overview

MCSE executable model overviews requirements definition, system specification, functional and architectural design, and prototyping.

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Intel® CoFluent™ Studio: Multicore Performance Analysis

Predict multicore real-time embedded system architecting for performance/power/cost, improving productivity, reducing risks, optimizing end product.

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio: Notations

Intel® CoFluent™ Studio models combine MCSE graphical notations and C code, providing embedded system descriptions for hardware or software co-design.

Intel® CoFluent™ Power Modeling

Studio is the only system-level environment allowing users to create and simulate models for including all aspects of the design

Screenshot: Intel® CoFluent™ Studio for Timed-Behavioral Modeling

Screenshot demo of Intel® CoFluent™ Studio for Timed-Behavioral Modeling