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Intel® Communications Technology

Intel communications based on Intel® architecture enhance the future of communications today.

Reinventing Embedded Devices for Smart Services

White Paper: smart devices enable machine-to-machine technology, which allows for home energy management and security, and aggregate information.

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Intel® M2M Reference Design for Smart Services Development

Solution Brief: Intel M2M Reference Design, based on the Intel® Atom™ processor, provides platform that reduces development time and cost.

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More Reliable Business-Grade VoIP and Broadband Service

Solution Brief: GoS Networks offers customer premises equipment based on the Intel® Atom™ processor and GoS Gateway* software.

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Architecting Tomorrow's Electrical Grid

With Intel® technologies, utility companies can provide increased scalability, performance, energy-efficiency and serviceability.

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Energy-efficient Advantage

Intelligent Intel® technology is the foundation for energy efficient solutions.

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Delivering performance, rich visuals, and secure manageability, Intel® Core™ processors accelerate intelligent systems with user context-awareness.

Making Energy Personal

Solution Brief covers the home energy dashboard with Intel® technologies, connecting consumers to energy management utilities.

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White Paper: Wind Turbine Availability Excellence

Examines constant operation of remote offshore wind turbines through usage of remote management, virtualization, and wireless technology.

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David Zirl Talks Storage, Cloud Computing

David Zirl, Healthcare Solution Strategist at Dell, discusses the company's involvement in clinical archiving, cloud computing, and data security.