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Connecting Legacy Devices to the Internet of Things

Solution Brief: Securely connect industrial legacy devices to the IoT cloud to enable greater efficiency, prevent failure, and create new services.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor Industrial System Consolidation: Case Study

Case Study: How Intel® Xeon® processor-based virtualization enables system consolidation in industrial applications. (v.1, Aug. 2014)

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Real-time Control of Robots Using Intel Architecture

Case Study discusses Soft Servo Systems, Inc. with Intel® architecture in robots’ real-time interactivity with rock-paper-scissors game with humans.

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Techaisle Small Business Report

Shows how small business and IT in sales, marketing, and productivity.

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Intel® DK300 Series Development Kit

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Increase Industrial Automation

Increased automation with connected intelligence maximizes production efficiency.

Embedded Systems Greener World: Industrial Control Solutions Guide

Intel® technologies enable energy-efficient industrial control solutions to meet energy efficiency, cost savings, and reduced emissions demands.

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KUKA's PC-based Robot Controller

Case Study: KUKA releases its first PC-based robot controller featuring Intel® multi-core technology, raising the bar on industrial safety.

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KUKA Robots Group Industrial Robots

KUKA uses Intel® embedded products for improved, intelligent industrial automation platforms that can control a broad range of industrial robots.

Siemens Microbox Industrial PC

Solution Brief: Siemens flexible, small, and rugged microbox industrial PC* offers maximum performance in industrial automation.

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