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Intel® Workstation Board W2600CR

Expert workstation system provides maximum performance and high-end I/O capacity for demanding design and analytic applications

Key features

Available expansion options included

Target applications

An expert workstation ideal for compute-intensive applications in the areas of design, engineering, financial, and scientific content creation requiring the latest in processor performance and I/O capacity.

Product Specifications

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Intel® Workstation Board W2600CR2 supports 2x E5-2600v2 CPUs, 16 DIMMs, 2x 1-GbE ports, 10 I/O slots supports up to 4 double-width cards (x16), a x4 in x8 slot, two (x8) mezzanine connectors, plus up to 8 SCU ports and 2 SATA3 ports. See TPS for details.

Custom 14.2 inches x 15 inches

4 x PCIe x16

3 x PCIe x8

1 x PCIe x4

1 x Connector for Intel® I/O Expansion Module

1 x Connector for Intel® Integrated RAID Module

(1) General purpose Intel® Workstation Board W2600CR2 supporting 16 DIMMs with two 1-Gb Ethernet ports and 10 I/O slots supporting up to 4 GPUs.

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