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Intel Human Rights Principles

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Intel Human Rights Principles

Aligned with the Intel Code of Conduct, this document summarizes Intel’s position on key human rights issues and our approach to managing our responsibility to respect human rights through our global operations and value chain. The principles embody common principles laid out in the UN Global Compact, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, core International Labour Organization Conventions, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the laws of the countries in which we operate.

We are committed to maintaining and improving systems and processes to avoid complicity in human right violations related to our own operations, our supply chain, and our products. We regularly assess human rights-related risks and potential impacts, review our policies and management processes, and seek input from stakeholders on our approach. We also support the advancement of human rights through our global efforts to help bridge the digital divide, expand education access, promote social innovation, and improve conditions in our supply chain.

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