Where Performance Meets Value

Reliable performance and affordable priced PCs for value-oriented buyers.

Reliable performance and affordable priced PCs for value-oriented buyers.

Discover the Benefits

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    Enjoy more computing and greater graphics longer

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    Uncompromised user experience at entry system price

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    Security you can trust

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    Choose from a wide range of mobile form factors

Intel® Pentium® and Intel® Celeron® processors are great options for value-segment buyers who need basic functionality at an affordable price. Leveraging Intel’s latest, most advanced 14nm process technology and optimizations, the processors are ideal for everyday computing like basic productivity, browsing visually stunning webpages, streaming 4K Ultra HD video, and editing photos.

Whether it’s a notebook, convertible, Chromebook*, All-in-One, mini PC or desktop PC, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processor-based PCs offer reliable performance at an affordable price for value-oriented buyers.

The new Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® Mobile Processors
Now you can enjoy the experiences you’ve wanted from your entry devices notebook, convertible and other innovative form factor PCs with the security and connectivity options you need for a protected lifestyle—whether you’re a Chromebook*, Windows*, or Linux* user. Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors support up to three external monitors and deliver more processor and graphics performance for more hours of computing 1 in your choice of platform and OS, all at a price point for casual users who still want rich experiences.

Great Battery Life for Longer Active Use
Binge watch your movies all night long, chat longer, and be more productive. And you won’t miss the important things while the device is asleep.

Enjoy More Computing and Greater Graphics Longer
With up to 30% more processor performance1 and 45% better graphics2 on Windows than the previous generation platform, the latest Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors give your platform the computing and visual power you’ve wanted. Chromebook* users can also expect better performance on devices to enjoy more apps and rich online experiences. Whether you’re a Windows or Chromebook user, you can now multitask—i.e., watch movies/games and Skype* at the same time and still have power for your other activities.

Intel® Processor Graphics Gen9 makes casual game play snappy, enables smooth video streaming for all your online entertainment, and gives you enhanced video chatting for more personal online interactions with friends and family.

Besides a new level of performance, more power efficiency and energy-saving standby give you great battery life1  for longer active use. Get up to 11 hours on Windows.3 Binge watch your movies all night long, chat longer, and be more productive. And you won’t miss the important things while the device is asleep. On Chromebooks it will continue to keep you up to date without a battery penalty.

Uncompromised User Experience at Entry System Price
The Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors don’t just offer great performance and battery life. They incorporate enhanced capabilities for new experiences.

  • Intel® HD Audio lets you listen to songs from multiple sources at higher quality and enjoy content in the latest audio formats4.
  • Chromebook users will enjoy having a hands-free device that’s ready to go with a simple ‘hello,’ while not sacrificing battery life.5 Even when it’s asleep, Lucid Sleep* Gen2 for Chromebooks6 keeps it alert, updating your email, IMs, and other important events.
  • Connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, NFC6, 4G LTE6 4, and 3G. 6

Security You Can Trust
Protection capabilities in the Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors are built from the ground up to give you a device you can trust.7 Every time you start it up, secure boot with Intel® Platform Trust Technology helps keep your device safe, blocking dangerous programs, so only trusted software is launched. You get peace of mind with a more secure operating environment.7 Execute Disable Bit defends against ever-elusive malware, reducing your exposure to viruses and malicious code attacks. It works behind the scenes, so you don’t have to think about it, and it shuts down malicious code before it can take root.

It’s easy to secure all your data with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) new instructions built into the processor. You get strong security without compromising performance or impacting your experience.

Mobile Experiences Without Compromise
Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors give you the flexibility to choose the best device for your needs while getting the performance, experience, and security you want.

Choose Your Device for Great Experiences
Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® processors power more devices, from notebooks to convertibles to other form factor PCs, giving you the flexibility to choose the best device for your needs, and the peace of mind that it will give you the performance, experiences, and security you want.

Enjoy Great Experiences with Chromebooks* Built on Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® Processors

Devices Adapt to Your Uses
  • Wake on voice
  • Instant on and always connected8
  • Easily orient the screen for reading or playing games while using smaller devices
Platform Innovation
  • New form factors, including clamshells and 2 in 1s, for whatever your lifestyle and needs
  • Quiet, fanless, and touch-friendly/stylus-friendly designs
  • Lighter-weight materials and devices help simplify your mobile life
Expect More, Get More From Your New Device
  • Faster memory and storage for better responsiveness1
  • Up to 11 hours of active use3
  • Enables lighter weight designs
Enhanced Media and Graphics Experiences
  • Smooth, low-latency video streaming (Full HD)
  • Improved video chatting experiences1, thanks to support for codecs, such as VP8 and VP9 (decode only)
Essential Security
  • You can trust your device with every boot, thanks to OS image bootup autoscan
  • OS is automatically replaced if security is suspect
Connect Wherever You Can
  • Flexible choices for connecting to the Internet and other devices
  • USB Type C and Bluetooth® connectivity

Produkt- och prestandainformation


SYSmark* 2014 är ett testprogram från BAPCo-konsortiet* där man mäter prestanda för Windows* plattformar. Med SYSmark testas tre användningsscenarier: kontorsarbete, medieproduktion och dataanalys/ekonomisk analys. SYSmark innehåller faktiska applikationer från fristående programvaruleverantörer som Microsoft och Adobe. Rapporterade mått: SYSmark 2014-märkning och en märkning för varje scenarieresultat (högre är bättre för alla). Skalningsverkningsgrader: CPU-dominant, känslig för frekvens, antal kärnor och minne. QSV aktiverat. Uppmätt på: Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 jämfört med Intel® Pentium® processor N3710.


3DMark* Skydiver Graphics Score, uppmätt på: Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 jämfört med Intel® Pentium® processor N3710.


Windows® 10 1080p 24 fps lokal videouppspelning Komponents genomsnittliga ström, frånkoppla alla USB-enheter, anslut till lokal WiFi-åtkomstpunkt och ange skärmens ljusstyrka till 200 nits (inaktivera DPST, ange ljusstyrka till 200 nits mot vit bakgrund och aktivera DPST). Vänta 10 minuter tills operativsystemet är helt i viloläge. Starta Tears of Steel-video (1080p H264 10MBps 24fps) med Windows* Film och TV. Mät och beräkna genomsnittlig styrka under hela videon. Rapportera median för 3 körningar.


Endast tillgängligt för Windows* enheter.


Endast tillgängligt på Chromebooks*.


Beroende på konfiguration.


Inga datorer kan vara helt säkra.


Funktion inriktad på Chromebooks* med processorerna Intel® Pentium® och Celeron®. Implementering av funktionen är beroende av kraven från Google*.