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Intelligent Self-Service Offer Center: Solution Brief

Intelligent Self-Service Offer Center Solution Reduces Inventory Distortion and Raises Brand Awareness
The solution enables customers at a leading U.S. retailer to download offers to their mobile phones and then redeem them wirelessly at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

The primary objective of retailers is to get shoppers to buy, and then buy even more. In this digitally-charged world, persuading customers to spend may require finding new ways to engage them. Acting on this premise, a leading U.S. retailer of home merchandise, apparel and automotive products, created a fun and rewarding shopping experience that combines digital signage, mobile phones, and social media. The centerpiece is an intelligent self-service offer center, from which customers can download special offers to their mobile phones. The solution, developed with help from CopiaMobile and Intel, plays targeted advertising in high traffic areas, and supports a mechanism to measure and analyze customer responses to advertisements and promotional offers. The offer center runs on an Intel® processor, which has the computing power needed to simultaneously render high-definition content, generate analytics data, and communicate with the cloud services.

Raise brand awareness
With Anonymous Viewer Analytics technology, retailers can play targeted advertisements to customers, showing them products of interest and making special offers that encourage them to consider buying. The advertisements are targeted by customer age range and gender, data which is collected anonymously using the powerful audience measurement tools provided by the Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite).

Increase customer understanding
Data cross tabulated from actual sales receipts, the mobile phone app and Intel AIM Suite provides a full “closed loop” measurement of the effectiveness of spending on digital marketing campaigns.

Reduce inventory distortion
When the self-service offer center solution is tied to the inventory management system, retailers can make special offers on overstocked or seasonal items that must be sold quickly and cease advertising out-of-stock items, with the option of suggesting alternative products.

Read the full Intelligent Self-Service Offer Center Solution Brief.

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