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Intelligent Shelf Compliance Solution: Brief

How do you make sure all your packaged goods are available on shelves, are in the right locations, and have the correct product orientation and number of facings? Planogram and promotional display models show where products should be placed for maximum sales, but verifying that products on shelves match planograms is a very laborious, time consuming and expensive process, and consequently, is not ...performed frequently.
Automating this task, researchers at Carnegie Mellon (CMU) developed a shelf compliance solution, called AndyVision*, that harnesses the latest digital image recognition technology to ensure product placement on store shelves fts planogram models. With the solution, retailers can minimize inventory distortion, defned as the absolute value of the sum of out-of-stocks and overstocks, which can lead to lost sales (out-of-stock) and discounting (overstocks).

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