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White Paper: Generating More Vending Machine Revenue with Digital Signage and Video Analytics

Generating More Vending Machine Revenue

Increasing the revenue potential of vending machines, the adoption of digital signage is expected to draw in more customers and generate a new source of advertising income for vending operators. Located in high foot-traffic areas, vending machines are valuable to service operators and product manufacturers who want to grab the attention of customers. Large screen digital signage combined with video analytics is a next generation advertising medium that can present compelling and targeted information to people in its field of view. However, this technology requires more computing performance than what is typically in vending machines today.

Using the Intel® Vending Hardware Reference Design, it is relatively easy to add high definition digital signage and video analytics. Furthermore, this platform based on Intel® Core™ processors brings new technologies and features, such as secured cashless payment, a seamless interface with touchscreens or Auto-S3D display panels, and the ability to incorporate I/O devices from different vending machines. This paper explores how these solutions open up new possibilities for vending machines and provides an overview of the key technologies in the reference kit.

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