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Formidable Computing Environments, Meet Formidable Technology

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Formidable Computing Environments, Meet Formidable Technology

Case Study

Xplore relies on Intel® embedded solutions to develop a rugged new tablet PC with the performance and stability to satisfy its most demanding customers.

At Xplore Technologies Corp., business as usual means dealing with some very tough customers. Tough, because they want computers that can withstand exposure to shock, dust, water, mud, extreme temperatures, and constant vibration. Tough, because they want computers that can be bumped, knocked, struck, or even dropped from four feet onto a concrete slab. And still work, of course.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Xplore is a leading developer of rugged mobile wireless computing systems for harsh environments. Xplore’s durable tablet PCs are engineered to perform on the front lines in work settings that are not suited to traditional mobile computing solutions. The company’s products are targeted to mobile professionals in sectors such as field services, manufacturing, warehousing, public safety, the military, transportation, and utilities, where the tablets operate as mobile devices or in docking stations in vehicles, forklifts, or rolling carts.

Xplore recognizes that its customers need mobile computing tools that match tough on-the-job requirements, whether those jobs take them deep underground, high above power lines, or out in the trenches. For this reason, Xplore insists on leading-edge technologies such as the Intel® Core™ processor family that can be trusted to deliver performance and stability.

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