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Educate Girls. Change the World

Intel Programs for Educating Girls and Women

CNN to broadcast Girls Rising June 16th and 22nd

CNN brings the film that’s “changing the world, one life at a time,” to living rooms everywhere, and millions will watch Girl Rising as one global audience.

Full schedule available at 10x10.org >



At Intel we believe that we and others have an important window of opportunity—a chance to unlock an untapped resource of millions of talented and capable contributors to transform local communities and add to the world’s economic growth.

Education is a cornerstone, the fundamental bedrock. But we cannot afford to move slowly. That’s where technology comes in – it has the potential to accelerate, to bridge the gaps faster. We believe investing in women’s education and technology TOGETHER can only help further facilitate and even amplify social and economic benefits, and drive global transformation.


For over 40 years Intel has created tools and technology for innovation and over the past decade has invested more than $1 billion to improve education globally.  But with all of the progress that has been made, the gap for girls and women remains. If we truly want to ‘connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth’, and achieve our vision of empowering all people through technology, we must focus and address the gaps.


Globally, 66 million girls who should be in school – are not.1


The Internet Gender Divide is nearly 25% in developing nations.2


2/3 of the world’s 796 million illiterate adults are women.3


The Power of Education

The Power of Education

Intel technology–based programs in education and digital literacy are empowering girls and women around the world.

Intel's Involvement

Intel is Involved

Intel partners with organizations around the globe to expand our efforts for girls and women.

Women and the web

Women and the Web

Intel's report on bridging the Internet gap and creating new global opportunities in low and middle-income countries

Intel Education Solutions

Intel Education Solutions

Transforming education with technology, expertise, products and solutions.

Bridging the Internet Gap

Internet Gender Gap

Interviewing women about the benefits of accessing the Internet to become informed, connected, and educated.

10x10 logo

Working with 10x10

Intel is the founding Strategic Action Partner with 10x10, a campaign to reach global audiences and inspire people to take action for girls.

Girl Rising—The Film

Watch a Movie.
Have a Party.
Change the World.

Host a viewing party on June 16th or 22nd.

It’s a great way to share a meaningful experience. Invite your friends and family over to your place.

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Join the Conversation

Come and share with us as we take action to connect & enrich lives creating a better future through technology.

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Infographic: Women & the Web

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Intel Partners that are Inspiring Action and Involvement



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. Photo provided by 10x10 Educate Girls, Change the World, ©2011