Utilizing 10GBase-T for broad 10 Gigabit Ethernet Development

Utilizing 10GBase-T for Broad 10 Gigabit Ethernet Deployment

Virtualized data centers deploying Dell PowerEdge* servers, Dell PowerConnect* switches, and Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters can use 10GBase-T to broadly deploy 10 Gigabit Ethernet and help avoid I/O networking bottlenecks.

Virtualization, increasingly powerful server platforms, and rising numbers of hosted applications and... virtual machines have combined to dramatically increase the demand for additional I/O in the data center. Capitalizing on performance increases in the latest four-socket Dell server platforms, for example, enables organizations to host more virtual machines per server and more applications per virtual machine than ever before. As a result, the bottleneck in many data centers has now shifted to network I/O.

Organizations have addressed this challenge by adding Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports. But although this approach helps to increase I/O, it has also increased networking complexity. IT organizations can help reduce this complexity and provide the scalability to meet growing data demand by consolidating traffic from GbE ports onto fewer 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) ports, and leveraging technology advances that have helped dramatically improve the implementations of this consolidation.

Until now, either fiber optic or small form factor pluggable + (SFP+) direct attach copper connections were available for deploying 10GbE connectivity. Both have limitations. The high cost of optical cabling and switches makes the optical connections appropriate for a limited number of usage models, while the 7m (23-foot) reach of SFP+ direct attach copper cabling limits its use to short-distance connections.

IT managers need a different approach to enable broad 10GbE deployment—and 10GBase-T is well-suited for the task. This article presents a best-practices deployment using the 10GBase-T standard in networks optimized with Dell servers and switches and Intel Ethernet Server Adapters using 10GbE technology.

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