An Intel® NUC for Every Niche

Learn more about the unique uses a small form factor with Intel Inside® can make possible

The Perfect Fit for Just About Anything

The Intel® NUC Mini PC is bringing computing to new places, from living room TVs to digital signage. Choose the Intel® NUC that is right for you.

Home Usages

Create a home entertainment system in 4 inches square. Enjoy brilliant 4K resolution and store your HD movie library in a personal Intel® NUC-based cloud, easily accessing with built-in wireless technologies.

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With a form factor as small as a game controller, but as powerful as a dragon slayer, the Intel® NUC delivers the complete gaming experience.

Enjoy immersive gaming

Game on your TV from your PC

Shrink your desktop: the Intel® NUC delivers a fully functioning PC at a fraction of the size. Mount it behind your existing monitor with the included VESA* mount bracket for a clutter-free home office.

Your content creation solution

Commercial Solutions

From airports to coffee shops, digital signage is everywhere—and the Intel® NUC is perfect for powering the medium that gets your message across.

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Get your meetings off to a quicker start with easy to use, efficient conference room set ups featuring the Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i5MYHE.

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Create innovative retail kiosks with Intel® NUC, providing reliable connections and low-power options for small spaces.

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Monitor your home or business with the help of Intel® NUC—equipped with dual displays, gigabit LAN, and Wi-Fi, it’s ideal for video security.

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Visit the Intel Customer Support page for helpful troubleshooting tips, compatibility tests, the latest software updates, and more.

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Use the Intel® Driver Update Utility to automatically identify and install drivers relevant to your computer to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly.

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Join the Intel® NUC community to get valuable peer insight on best practices, troubleshooting, and usage scenarios.

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Find specific system memory information, including information on tested memory modules, for any Intel® NUC product.

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